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Army Journey Chapter 11 by χ∂єωραωχ
December 2, 2008, 4:02 am
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Chapter 11

Kg, Ankita, & Sheila

My iPeng erupted. Sangui turned his back. “Very warlike.” He muttered as he exited. Warlike? I thought. I’ve heard this word before..Ugh… My head was pounding as hard as hell. I quit 20 questions and decided to sleep.

As I slept, I clearly remembered what had happened. The tournament had started and I was kidnapped. “You know, Fort’s really worried.” A voice sounded. I jolted up in suprise. “Who are YOU? Are you here to kill me, like the others?” I spat. Might as well die now. “No, Kg…” She responded. “I, am Bellicose.”

“Very Warlike.”

Sheila & I stalked through the snowy field toawrds Kg’s capture chamber. “Thats a big castle.” I remarked quietly. “The better to explode!” Sheila laughed. “I wonder why we were tracked to the South Pole.” I wondered out loud. Sheila didn’t reply, just held up her finger to signal that someone was coming. Buzz, buzz, buzz. “Sheila, look!” I exclaimed as I picked up a iPeng. I rifled through the settings. I pressed the ‘My Numbers’ option. “Oh-my-gosh. This was Tom’s iPeng.” I whispered. Suddenly, the clearing was full of dread. But no one could notice because of the white blanket that was never ending.

As I hear Ankita speak Tom’s name, I still regret that I came here. “But we saw him get killed! He couldnt’ve been here!” I shouted. Ankita glared at me to remind me that we were undercover.

Millions of soliders fell from the sky.

“Prepare to die!”


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Can I write a part of the story, and you put it in? I’m a good writer. Here’s the Idea I have:
I’m a P.O.W. in an enemy base. I try to escape but I fail. I get interrogated. They’re sending me to the firing squad when I escape. I go back to the base on a mission to save the remaining P.O.W.’s. After that I fufill my dream by getting the Medal of Honor.

Comment by nate950000

Um, this story is revolving around ACP in part one..

Comment by ¤ѕнєιℓα gαℓℓу¤

i want to become a army today

Comment by strodt200

o. i guess the pow sort of confused you. i was talking about the acp. pow means prisoner of war.

Comment by nate950000

also i like your idea of getting the nachos perspective. i was going to suggest that

Comment by nate950000

no the POW probably didn’t confuse her… she just meant that she is writing the story and it is about ACP rather than specific members of that army.

Comment by Kid Robot

Ok. I was just trying to help. I wasn’t trying to be a n00b or anything.

Comment by nate950000

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