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Army Journey Chapters 12-14 {Chapter of Nacho View} by χ∂єωραωχ
December 3, 2008, 3:27 am
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Chapter 12


As the jet landed, I clicked off my safety belt and headed toawrds the exting hall of the jet. I glanced at the TomY memorial. Eh. I continued down the stairs and exited. Harsh winds scored my face as I glanced around. Cold. Wet. Joy. I rolled my eyes. “What’s with you?” Oagalthorp commented as he exited. “Oh, the weather.” I said. Ah, the great and powerful leader at work. I thought bitterly. I shoved my hands into my pockets and sighed. Why did I ever sign up for this?

Chapter 13 {Nacho View}


“Lines!” Person yelled as the soliders organized themselves quickly into straight, cut, lines. “Now.” I added as I stalked toawrds them. I silently cocked my gun. “What would you do…” “IF ACP ATTACKED!” Person finished as Terr jumped down from the ceiling and we shot at the soliders. Quickly, the soliders charged and held us down. Smeeble knocked me down and put pressure on my neck. Her breath was damp and wet. “Nice job.” I choked out. “Terrific!” Shadow’s sillouhette remarked as he transmitted his hologram from the ACP misson onto our base. “I have found out some information from..A reliable source.” A malicous grin creeped onto his face. “Batista.” He snarled as he pulled chains and Batista stumbled onto the Holigram. “Playback, shall we?”

Chapter 14


As I was kept in a dungeon, my head was facing a moniter. Shadow was playing playback of my interrogation. I screeched with fury when Shadow had shot me unconsicuous. “I’ll NEVER forgive you!” I shouted as I cussed more and more at him. No more fights, no more pushing my friends around…No more choosing quarters over Cap’s life….I forced myself not to wail like a lost kitten as the chains around my neck tightened. “Is that all they have?” A voice whispered inside my head. “What? Are you an angel? Are you going to bring me sweet death?” I shot questions at the serene voice. “Quit questioning me, dimwit. I’m just here.”  I pondered for a moment. “Who are you?” I curiously thought out loud. “I, am Bellicose. An Angel.” I snorted. “Yea, and I’m ACP Leader. Now, are you here to kill me or leave me dying?” Bellicose looked thoughtful. “Ah, a true heart, but never a honest word!” She said.  “You and I will be talking again soon.” She said as her wings alit with fire. She gazed back at me. Her eyes blazed with fire. “I need to have a word with my brother.”


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Where’s the part where you fall for my sexy body and Join the Nachos? 😀

Comment by Person1233

I read all of the Army Journal so far. Its pretty good!

Comment by blueswill

Ha ha ha, good, good.

You need more Nacho views in your story. I’ll keep coming back if there are. 😀

Comment by AkaBob22-An Indestructible Master of War

But you need more views from the lower ranked Nachos, like, let’s say, Bamm/Chill, or Zzztops, or maybe even FROG!

But, then again, I still like the story so far. Keep going.

Comment by AkaBob22-An Indestructible Master of War

I would be willing to do so 🙂

Comment by Zzztops

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