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Army news by χ∂єωραωχ
December 3, 2008, 2:27 pm
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Ok, I have the army news, but one thing!: If I say nothing much for a army, that doesn’t mean there dead, it means that we are in a era of peace! |


Right now ACP is having goverrner elections….! We are recruiting well and well on our way to one million hits! In other news, Shab is opening a confusing poll about who should lead. {Participating in Christmas tournament.}


The Nachos (At a great price P )  are speaking cruel comments toawrds Oagal, and other than that, pretty much it for them. {Participating in Christmas tournament.}

Ice Warriors:

Khole aka penguin23800094, is the new IW president. They are organizing the Christmas Tournament as we speak. {Participating in Christmas tournament.}


BB and FGR have declared war on RPF. The open chat meeting was rescheduled. Nothing much here, either. {Participating in Christmas tournamet.}


UMA is invading new servers and having war w/ AW. Nothing much again. {Particpating in Christmas Tournament}

That’s it!



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can i help with your story? im in the acp. pow means prisoner of war.

Comment by nate950000

What price?

Comment by AkaBob22-An Indestructible Master of War

“Nachos! At a great price! Do you like cheez, do you like chips? Then you’ll like NACHOS! AT A GREAT PRICE!”

Comment by ¤ѕнєιℓα gαℓℓу¤

Yep. We are everywhere nowadays. 😀

Comment by AkaBob22-An Indestructible Master of War

i likes nachos! and i gotsta sleep. Big study day all day tomorrow. Classes held back to back. tried to make interview but you werent there… it was twenty mins early but i tried

Comment by raedwolf

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