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Paint By Letters Book/Newspaper by χ∂єωραωχ
January 29, 2009, 4:11 pm
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Paint by letters  hasnt come out yet. 😦


The newspaper arrived 2day:

Games- It has a bunch of multiplayer games like Dance Contest and Card Jitsu.

Team Red VS Team Blue returns FEB 13. I bet the penguin band hoodie will come back just because I bought it in the Treasure Book. 😦

New snow and sports catalog availible TOMMOROW! 😀

In focus- The Dojo, how to play card jitsu, and invisibility!

Ask Aunt Arctic- Is it true that Silver Surfboards attract Sharks (No.) and Why does Aunt Arctic wear the same things every day (I like how comfortable it is and it’s fashionable. 🙂 )

Secret Revealed- The Boiler Room hides old newspapers.




Check out my personal assistant, iSheila!



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Secret Revealed- The Boiler Room hides old newspapers

Really? Lol.

Comment by The Flapjack

User says:
So, do you know who Sheila is dating?
iSheila says:
According to Wordnet who Sheila is dating is a a United Nations agency to coordinate international health activities and to help governments improve health services
User says:
So what, she’s dating Bill Clinton?
iSheila says:
You mean America’s 42nd President?
User says:
No, the guy in the barrel of monkeys!
iSheila says:
Someone has taught me about “monkeys”. He said: ‘A monkey is a mammal that lives in tropical forests. ‘.

That was part of my convo with your Sheila Bot just now. I knew you were dating Rap and I asked it that to see if it knew. It didn’t.

Guymed’s Edit: …weirdest…

Comment by тєн fℓαρנα¢к

Actually, I hate your bot now. She’s inappropriate.

Comment by тєн fℓαρנα¢к

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