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Mysterious New Puffle Color/Newspaper by Guymed
February 18, 2009, 11:43 pm
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This is by Guymed from guymed.org.

I was recently checking the community page on club penguin, I saw there was a new wallpaper. I looked at it…. and…. it had a new puffle color! It’s pretty easy to find, take a look:


It’s a thumbnail of the image, so you cant see the blue circles I added around the mystery puffle. Click it to enlarge it. Now that you’ve seen it, it sorta looks like a dark dark black colored puffle, or a shadow ballish or mysterious red colored puffle. It’s probably going to be released at the puffle party. Comment what you think!


Edit: The puffle RGB color code in the pic is 31222 for the body, and 46341 for the outline color.

Sheila’s edit: How the heck does he find this stuff out. . .
And, anyhoo, the puffle party is tommorow. Nothing else is that important in the newspaper. -Sheila


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