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April 5, 2009, 8:07 pm
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Hey everyone, as you know, I’m not doing this site anymore. Maybe in the Summer I’ll do it, but right now, I don’t have the time nor the patience with this laggy computer. I’ll still be playing Club Penguin.

Best Of Wishes,

Sheila ❤


TY for those comments:

BP98: Get the hell out of here, you nasty son of a disease ridden…NVM.


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Holy crap! What did Bp do, lol.

Comment by The Flapjack

What the hell sheila?!?!?!? Wait… I just read the post… sorry… bp was an ass being happy that u quit.

Comment by Guymed

no i wasnt happy i couldnt get the sad smiley and the finally was about the smiley… Im sorry if i did anything wrong… PLEASE DONT SPAM ME (i sound like a little girl)

Comment by bp98

once again if you really don’t believe me im sooooooooooo sorry for hurting you unintentionally

Comment by bp98

I understand Bp… sort of

Comment by Guymed

Shut up you pervs. Sheila has quit. Time to find a new leader…


Comment by june cleaver

thx guymed and june ur a perv

Comment by Bp98

Well this sucks 😦 Will you still play AC CF :O

Comment by Dj Layzie

i couldnt remember the combo for the sad smiley ( my sister was driving me crazy) so i just tried MANY combos… SORRY

Comment by bp98

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