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Um what is the point of this?

Comment by Ark428 Temporary WW leader

I’m not sure. I just saw it on another site. ^-^

Comment by Sheila The Great

Awesome!!!! I like the Med-DIE-Val Sword!

Comment by ACPE1/Navy Ambassador 1

You can’t forget the annihilation bomb… it blasts stuff with anti-matter and annihilates them… lol. And my F-25 plane I got from a black market.

Comment by ~Extreme the great

What no prastic sords??
What type of shop u runin?>

Comment by wgfv

XD Niiiiice

Comment by Sheila The Great

If u wanna know about guns go to http://worldguns.ru/
It’s really kool there. And if u r looking for bombs go to http://enemyforces.com/

Comment by Guymed

actually change http://worldguns.ru/ to http://world.guns.ru/

Comment by Guymed

I posted more weapons.

Comment by Guymed

^^ Ty.

Comment by ~♥~Sheila~♥~Gally~♥~

I like bomb. Where are Cp Armys?!

Comment by Cp Secrets Finder (CSF) Musashi205


Comment by acp medic team leader/kingjared7 will be a Lt.


Comment by mrnooner

You can’t foorget the M-16!!!!And the Nucler Bomb!!!

Kid Robot: M16’s are too old now. M4’s have replaced them.

Comment by Mustang422

atomic bomb and american fn m249 saw machine gun

Comment by igdogjr916

i want the omb bomb

Comment by terryking24

Here ya go. XD

Comment by ♥Sheila Gally♥

well obviosly 1 atomic bomb can destroy all of clubpenguin and even more islands next 2 club penguin

Comment by cpnewschannel7

If any of you wish to use an AK-47, those suck. AK-108’s are new and MUCH better. Faster ROF, better accuracy, lighter weight, and NOT FROM 1947!!

Comment by Guymed

hey sheila can you be my buddy?

Comment by Ark428 WW co leader

Where’s Bullet Bill??? 😥

Comment by ((((((Rapidy))))))

can I buy the missle?

Comment by chapa23

Can I get a American M4A1 SOMPOD Assault Rifle, and a Convinecne Knife? Btw… There should be pistols.

Comment by Gideon

Oh… And a Swiss SIG SG 500 Assault Rifle… I like being armed. 😉

Comment by Gideon

And 10 bomb- ombs plz.

Comment by Gideon

Heres your order….684 coins.

Comment by ♪Sheila Gally♪

ill take pocket knife a m 16 and an air to air missle,Russian AK-102 Assault Rifle,and ill take a green stealth flyer(even though i already fly planes on cp)

Comment by CPA Commander roman co emperor Edwadu

I want 30 missles and that’s all.

Comment by chapa23

I’ll take the lot! 😛
(I’m not a terrorist by the way…)

Comment by Tex9m

I’m not! 😮

Comment by Tex9m

u suuuuurrrreee?
ill take one of everything,2 of everything,4 of everything,ya got any 7 of everything?(on CP i have over 8 million so ill take it all.

Comment by edwadu

i want the sniper i am so good at sniping


Comment by mach1kid2

when do i get my order?

Comment by edwadu

ill take a stealth bomber, and AK 192, and 12 more bombs.

Comment by Gideon

Oh, for my patrols ill take a saw machinegun and a first aid kit. oh, and 5 more American M4A1 SOMPOD Assault Rifles for my patrols. thx

Comment by Gideon

Two jeeps too. And another saw machinegun.

Comment by Gideon

oh another saw machinegun and just one more jeep. Thx! That’ll be all… (And an atomic bomb) 🙂

Comment by Gideon

2 more atomic bombs a traveling truck, 2 more saw machineguns, and 7 more American M4A1 SOMPOD Assault Rifles. And a nuke. and three snipers. I’m making a brigade. 🙂

Comment by Gideon

I want another jeep and saw machinegun too. And 22 more bombs. With 4 more American M4A1 SOMPOD Assault Rifles. Buahahahaha.

Comment by Gideon

and 23 more Convinecne Knifes. Lol

Comment by Gideon

another 6 American M4A1 SOMPOD Assault Rifles and another traveling truck. Another saw machinegun and an ICBI. Lol. Its bigger then a tactical nuke. ANd 2 more jeeps with 2 more saw machineguns. And 2 more American M4A1 SOMPOD Assault Rifles. With 12 more first aid kits. 🙂

Comment by Gideon

Sry, but I need so much!

Comment by Gideon

and 2 tanks and 3 more American M4A1 SOMPOD Assault Rifles. 🙂

Comment by Gideon

and 20 more American M4A1 SOMPOD Assault Rifles… With 10 more Saw machineguns. More like an army lol. But I was made head of the weaponry in SCPA, so we need a lot. So make it 20 more tanks and 30 more American M4A1 SOMPOD Assault Rifles! With an extra 5 ICBI’s. And 100 more bombs. With 30 more first aid kits.

Comment by Gideon

and 30 more jeeps, 50 more saw machineguns, and 30 traveling trucks. And 90 more American M4A1 SOMPOD Assault Rifles.

Comment by Gideon

ill be back later for more. Lol

Comment by Gideon

4 pocket and convenience knives, fifteen german rifles, canadian APC(armored patrol something) fives american pistols, abou 3 nukes 10 bomb ombs, 3 time bombs, medical kit, backpack with electronic voice com antenna along with helmet with voice com.Im getting GEARED!Oh and a viet nam war pith helmet.

Comment by edwadu

Plus ill need a Spy Flyer, and a bullet proof leather jacket(black color) white oxford shirt and i need a 10-foot David Morgan bull whip.

Comment by edwadu

A suicide Bomber, Stealth bomber, and enough nukes to blow up France(the whole thing!) and enough soilders to protect Canada.

Comment by edwadu

7,000 chef’s knives please. I need them for throwing at enemies.

Comment by AkaBob22-An Indestructible Master of War

I would like a classic time bomb delivered to Wrath Strife’s house. XD

Comment by nate950000

ill take 8 Convinecne Knives. 4 on each side of my belt. XD. Knife throwing time!

Comment by Gideon

Yea, here you go!

Comment by ¤ѕнєιℓα gαℓℓу¤

5,000 chef knives on the double

Comment by ~~~є∂ωα∂υ~~~

I’ll take a Barett 50 cal, an AK-102, a FAMAS, An M249 SAW, 50,00 R27 Missiles, 5 atomic bombs, a convenince knife, a Noble sword, and a cure for Crohns.

Comment by Warrant Off. TotalN00B

Plus a Truck, Halftrack, Humvee, and tank convoy to carry it.

Comment by Warrant Off. TotalN00B

Here you go.

Comment by ¤ѕнєιℓα gαℓℓу¤

ty sheila, and heres ur money

Comment by ~~~є∂ωα∂υ~~~

I will need 8,000,000 H&K USP Pistols, 16,000,000 AKS74u’s, 28,000,000 Combat Knives, 500,000 M37 Shotguns, An order of Tomahawk Missiles, 15 fleets of ships, an air armada, Enough Flak 88s to destroy Antarctica, ammunition for all, M1A1 Abrams Tanks, HUMVEES, Armed Harley & Davidson Moterbikes, U-Boats, 160,000,000 of everything advertised, and a piece of gum. xD (I plan on starting an army)

Comment by Warrant Off. TotalN00B

K. Here you go.

Comment by ¤ѕнєιℓα gαℓℓу¤

I will need 8,000,000 H&K USP Pistols.

Comment by Corporal Tota Girl

Thank you, here’s the payment. *40 truckloads of gold bricks pull up* Keep the change! 🙂

Comment by Captain TotalN00B

Here ya go.

Comment by ¤ѕнєιℓα gαℓℓу¤

I need something to shoot myself in the head with.

Comment by mazachster

Eh, an Aak-47 will do. -hands over-

Comment by ¤ѕнєιℓα gαℓℓу¤

LOL @ MAZ! I want an atomic bomb. You can have… *reaches in pocket and grabs everything* “$3.12 and some pocket lint.” I say awkwardly.

Comment by The Flapjack

I’ll take 2 TDI Kriss Super V™ sub-machine guns, 1 Barret XM500 Long Range Sniper Rifle, 1 m249 squad automatic rifle, and 1 Colt M4A1.
Please deliver to X36t’s igloo. I’ll pick ’em up there.
BTW people I was the one who posted all the guns and the missile.


Comment by Guymed

K. Here ya go. ^_^

PS: Your added back!

Comment by ¤ѕнєιℓα gαℓℓу¤

Uhh, you added me back? Cuz, when I go to my admin bar, your site’s not there…

Comment by Guymed

If you don’t have the e-mail, it’s guymed435@gmail.com.

Comment by Guymed

At the side of the title you should put real supplies

Comment by Taddle1

I added more guns, Sheila! ^_^

Comment by Guymed

^_^ Ty!

Comment by ¤ѕнєιℓα gαℓℓу¤

Guymed Says: I edited you comment, cousin!

Comment by Gumgirl

HEY YOU!!! 😡

Comment by Gumgirl

I added 2 more guns…………. *thinks*…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………hmmm………………………………… *laughs evilly*

Comment by Guymed

where da shotguns?

Comment by Crazyboy

SHEILA I RAN OUT OF BOMBS, I NEED MORE NUKES ON THE DOUBLE, GET ALL THE BOMBS YA GOT, oh and ill take a little birdie i can fly on *Weeeee!*

Comment by ~~~є∂ωα∂υ~~~

Ill have the biggest mDIEval sword you have, same with noble

Comment by ~~~є∂ωα∂υ~~~

As this shop’s vendor, I am glad to announce that we are adapting more weapons.

Comment by Guymed

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