♥Sheila Gally’s CP Website♥


Hey everyone, here is The Sheila Channel chat!!!



  1. No swearing, sexual, or wrong language on this chat. Any young child has access to this!
  2. You can spam, but not overly so, example: f54tgfvdgvrgw!
  3. No begging to be a owner or mod!
  4. HAVE FUN!

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Your site rocks! Its cool how u advertised it on dgamer (from lucas luvr from dgamer)

Comment by Briana

How did u find my site on dGamer? Is there a way to view the profiles? can u tell me?

Comment by ¤ѕнєιℓα gαℓℓу¤

on ur avatar u wrote sheila gallly . com
so i tried it out, cool site

ps if it answers ur question there might be a difference because i play dgamer on pc

Comment by Briana

oh u play dgamer on a comp.? thats prob why..

Comment by ¤ѕнєιℓα gαℓℓу¤

woops, disconnected from dgamer. gtg.

Comment by ¤ѕнєιℓα gαℓℓу¤

wat do u play dgamer on? wat game?
(i no ds)

Comment by Briana

how do u get that cute frog in the corner of this chat?

Comment by Briana

i left dgamer, it was getting boring!

Comment by Briana

wats url?

Comment by Briana

where is the link for the chat?

Comment by Bp98

We don’t have a wireless router, so we don’t have Wi Fi. We don’t have Wi Fi, we don’t have Dgamer. We don’t have Dgamer, Wi Fi connection in my DS is tottaly useless. I want to join Dgamer, but I can’t. I already have an account set up. But I can’t use it.

Comment by мσσивєαм587

Hey Sheila,
do you want to be an aouthor or something because you wrote all of these stories on this website. I want to be an aouthor, badly!!!

Sheila: IDK, I’d prefer a reporter or journalist. I was just bored one day,

Comment by мσσивєαм587

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