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Join the Club Penguin Oceanic Force Today! Please comment if you want to join!


Hello! I’m Sheila Gally, the leader of the Club Penguin Ocean Force, or COF.  We are a democratic army and believe in helping the enviroment and caring for all servers. Our misson is to protect Club Penguin, because thats what armies do. The COF was created in November of 08 to protect this site. Now we are moving onto greater frontiers and moving on to protecting club penguin. Just because we are a democratic army doesn’t mean that Republicans can’t join. Everyone has a say in COF.


CURRENT SERVERS: Caribou, Wool Socks, Christmas
[You Don’t Have To Have The Same Background Or Pin]
Nonmembers can wear anything blue as long as it looks oceanic.


Leader of the Navy Oceanic: Sheila Gally

Assistant Leader: Rapidy & Casius Brutius

Field Leaders: Chapa23 and Acatosh

Head Captain:

Head General: Seanehawk

Admiral: Bigpeng92, Gideon

Brigadier: Solraida, Edawau

Sailor: Djeazy96, Acatosh, Noka 7,8,9,etc, (acpjkpie, nokia 7, 8, etc), Mach1kid





Chat Rules!

  1. Please listen to higher ranks.
  2. Please no swearing.
  3. Please no spying.
  4. Only Leader and three commanders will be owners.
  5. Only Sailors and above are moderators.

Here is the chat.

http://www.xat.com/chat/room/41599103/ OR http://xcofx.tk/

If you join, please be active.

“Protecting the seven seas….One penguin at a time.”

Your leader,

Sheila Gally


42 Comments so far
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hey if i join i need a higher rank


find me on acp council chat

Yeah, you can be a Sailor. Visit the chat so I can mod you.

Comment by mach1kid2

I would like to join.

Comment by chapa23

ill join

Comment by solraida

i wanna join pweez

Comment by djeazy96

ill join sheila

Comment by batista1822

hey ill join


Comment by rzor

Hello! I am Chapa23,a field leader (third in command) of C.O.F.! I am glad to be third in command of C.O.F. and to meet some of our new soldiers! I shall see all C.O.F soldiers soon!

Protect the seven seas…,One penguin at a time

Comment by chapa23

I’m in 😀

Comment by miroos

Me will join.

Comment by ((((((Rapidy))))))

I will join

Comment by Gideon

=D New ranks!

Comment by ♪Sheila Gally♪

=D New ranks!

Comment by ♪Sheila Gally♪

New ranks… Can I join… Again? XD

Comment by Gideon

ill join, and are we allies with the CPA?

Comment by CPA Commander roman co emperor Edwadu

sheila we need to biuld this army and plan a few invisions

Comment by Acatosh

remember we have a meeting today at five we want all soldiers to show up

Comment by Acatosh

sheila youput me in the sailor ranks also

Comment by Acatosh

watex warriors own wool socks
They gave it to us.

Comment by Shaboomboom

well can i join sheila?

Comment by CPA Commander roman co emperor Edwadu

anyone can.

Comment by ♪Sheila Gally♪

I want to be Head Captain.

Comment by Tex9m

wait wouldnt that make me a mod?

Comment by edwadu

sheila i have created some nukes on my vessal

Comment by Acatosh

can i join?i want to! i am very active on CP.

Comment by PikesPeak88

K. =)

Comment by ¤ѕнєιℓα gαℓℓу¤

hey i want a higher rank

Comment by mach1kid2

I will join

Comment by Meat aka Seanehawk

Sheila I created… I dunno, something similar to a ICBM? (Better then a tactical nuke.) I said something like it… I’m not sure if it will back-fire or go up… And then back down. XD.

Comment by Gideon

Can I join? But I dont have that uniform! I’ll improvise with something like it

Comment by emilylondon

u spelled my name wrong, lol

Comment by ~~~є∂ωα∂υ~~~

Can i join???

Comment by Crazyboy

Sure! You can be a sailor.

Comment by ¤ѕнєιℓα gαℓℓу¤


Comment by Crazyboy

i’ll join sheila!

Comment by bp98

im in but i want to be sailoir or captin plz

Comment by ριρ 1


Comment by ((((((яαρι∂у))))))

I’ll join!

Comment by The Flapjack

So you’re a democrat, like me. Cool!

Comment by Guymed

Can I join. My penguin name is taddle1

Comment by Taddle1

can i join Sheila?

Comment by Waddlebox123

Can I join? Penguin name: Guymed
Am I a full member? Yes

Comment by Guymed

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