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Here is a guide about Club Penguin, by me. 🙂
Club Penguin Field Guide
By Sheila Gally
Chapter 1: Authors Note
Hello Penguins, I am Sheila Gally, a somewhat expert at Club Penguin. This guide does not contain tours and whatnot, this guide contains information about some of the oldest rooms, the different types of penguins you will meet, legends, myths, and more. Enjoy this book and the information contained. Read On!
-Sheila Gally
Chapter 2: Introduction to Club Penguin
By now you have at least made your account, have some coins, and ready to learn about the history of Club Penguin.
Lets start off with the known rooms, first, the Town.
The Town is the place you are most likely to teleport to. It is usaully full of penguins advertising their igloos, or reading the Penguin Times. If you go north, you have found the dance club. No one is usually in there, unless it is a planned party, like the ACP Dance. If you go east, you will hit the Coffee Shop, home to the Friendship Bracelet in the book room, as well as Rockhopper’s Private Quarters Key. If you waddle East, you will end up at the Snow Forts, and from north there you can get to the Super Rink. If you decide to go south in the Town, you will end up at the Dock, where rare and famous penguins gather. Head north for the Beach, where sometimes you can see Rockhopper. Go back and take the other path, you are in the Ski Village. There is the Ski Lodge, which was saved by us agents from Herbet P. Esquire, and the Sport Shop. Ride the ski lift to the mountain, and you can sled down the mountain to play sled racing. At the Plaza, if you go east, you will hit the east, home to Club Penguin’s wildlife. Go more east and you will hit the Cove. Now we will cover the secret rooms. See that mine cart in the distance on your map? Click on it, and you are in the mine. Waddle into the shack, and you are underground, you can stop to play cart surfing, or continue West. If you go West you will be at the Pool, it was flooded in July, 2007, but it was put to use for a water party. Continue West and you are in the Boiler room. You can hear music upstairs. The old newspapers are kept here, and the Nightclub is above us. Climb the ladder, or stop to catch up on news if you like. If you climbed the ladder, you are now in the Night Club. You may go to the Dance Lounge for a breather, or continue on with the tour. Open up your maps, and click on the mountain to the right. You will teleport to the Dojo. This is the best room in Club Penguin in my opinion. This is where battles happen, loyalties are tested, and legends begin. That is the tour, explore some more if you like.
Chapter 2: Types of Penguins
When you are in Club Penguin, some penguins like to role play. If you go to Blizzard, you can see young penguins and wolves and witchs and wizards, and same on Ice Berg. Here is some information on these types of penguins:
Witches and Sorcerers:
You can usually find these special penguins by the brown power pendant they wear around their neck, or by the gem they have. They usually gather in the forest, and fight against dark penguins. Dramatic much?
Young Penguins:
These penguins gather at the Ice Berg and Blizzard pet shop, and need older penguins to feed them, and entertain them.
One of the most famous Penguin types. Wolves inhabit Blizzard and Ice Berg, and sometimes White Out. The pups are somewhat friendly, but as they get older, they become more aggresive. Proceed with caution if you do not wish to be bitten. Sometimes if you raise the Pup, it will be tame when it grows up. Wolves sometimes can learn how to heal, and love to hunt for deer and bunny penguins.
Betas are rare penguins that have the beta hat and tested Club Penguin. They are considered very rare and valuble.
This word will cause a uproar. A noob is a penguin who has no decent items, but think they are better than everyone else, or someone who always follows the rules; someone who uses Safe Chat Mode.
Chapter 3: Wrap up
Now that you know a lot about Club Penguin, you can go explore it! Waddle On!
~Sheila Gally



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Comment by MRNOONER

WHat about army penguins?

Comment by wgfv

My Cp guides
How to be a Diver with out being member:
Wear yellow Snorkel and Shell Belt
How to be Club penguin Arm cletor (boys):
Wear Black suit,Black Sunglasses,Marsimalow on stick and Sailors Hat
How to be Club penguin Arm cletor (Girls):
Wear Black Suit,Brown Sunglases,Marsimalow on stick and Cheesy Tie

Comment by Cp Secrets Finder (CSF) Musashi205

Yo ❗

Nice story but my 7 year old cuz didnt understand and me 2 xD

btw can i be an author?


Comment by ♦NakiB♦

thatz a long apple book lol

Comment by cpnewschannel7

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