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How to be famous

There are two specific ways to become famous in CP. These are the most common ways.

1. Youtube.
2. Site.

Let’s talk about Youtube first.

Here’s how to get famous by using Youtube.

Step one in becoming famous via Youtube is getting a proper recorder. There are lots of different recorders. You can search some in Google. But here are some known ones, there is Hypercam, and there’s Camtasia. I like hypercam best. But there’s some sort of a glitch with using Hypercam, when you use an unregistered hypercam, there is a small sign at the top left saying “Unregistered Hypercam”, which sometimes gets annoying, you can get rid of that sign but you need some special Hypercam code. I’m not sure what it is though. Google it….


The next step in becoming famous via Youtube is getting a movie editor. There are lots out there, but again, i’m just going to name a few, there’s WIndows Movie Maker, there’s Power Director. I use Windows Movie Maker. I know, some people say it sucks because it has lousy effects, but it doesn’t matter to me. The thing that matters to me the most is what’s in the video, not the effects of the video.


 Ok, now that you can make your own videos, you have to keep practicing, keep asking people what they think if your videos, if they don’t like it, ask them what you can do to improve in your next video.  Keep posting on Youtube, tell your friends to look at your videos. If it’s really good, they’ll start spreading your video out, eventually they’ll see your channel and subscribe to you. The more the subscribers the better.

Some tips:

– Be patient, you have to keep practicing. You’ll get better eventually.
– Keep making videos, people would think that you have quit if you stop making videos.
– Don’t get mad at people for critisizing your work. It just means they’re trying to help you get better.
– Juice up you channel. Make people feel good when they look at your channel, put an awesome background, doesn’t matter how simple.

Those are the steps on how to get famous using Youtube.

Here’s the second option.

Making a site.


First, you have to choose on what Blogging domain you want to use. (Example: WordPress, Blogger, Blogspot) Anyways, I suggest you choose WordPress, it’s the best so far. Of course, that’s why I use it, there are lots of fun stuff with using WordPress. You’ll get everything you need for starting a blog when you use WordPress. That’s why I recommend starting off with WordPress.


The second step is mastering the functions of the site you are using. When you get used to is, you won’t have any troubles. You should also learn how to take pictures, because when you use pictures it is much easier for the readers to understand what you’re talking about.  To take pictures, press the Prt Sc Sys Rq button on your keyboard, of course it has to be a complete keyboard. After you press it on the screen you want to take a picture of, open up an editing program. (Example: Paint, Ms Paint, Paint.NET) Then press edit, then click on “Paste”. The picture will come out, and all you’ll have to do is crop out the unwanted parts. After you learn how to take pictures, you can now write your first post.


Now that you know how to take pictures, you’re ready to start posting news around Club Penguin! When you notice that something in Club Penguin is new, be sure to tell the viewers that go to your site. And make pages about yourself and about the site. As your hits get higher and higher, the more famous you become.

Some tips

– Be patient, being famous doesn’t take weeks. It may take a year or so.
– Let other people know on what they think about your site.
– Comment on other people’s sites and let them know about yours.
– Ask to be on people’s blogrolls (You should know about it) so you can get more hits.



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I can give anyone a hypercam code if they need one, they are reusable.

Comment by Guymed

Actually my friend Kickeon found out this place were you can download Hypercam for free and the sign leaves because it’s the proper one.

Comment by miroos

Theres also a vid on youtube for getting real codes.

Comment by ♪Sheila Gally♪

I’ll follow those steps. I want to b famous on youtube.. and I have my “official site” So.. can u guys check my videos and my site? it’s samaniearmstrong on youtube.. thx
comment and I’ll be better

Comment by Samanie

But the only problem with getting famous on youutbe is that because some people aren’t allowed to get a youtube account they can’t. WEll you get the gist. And also hypercam doesnt work with macs!!! We are stuck with the boring snapshots for a while!
Veryyy good though. Another way to get famous is to comment on famous penguins sites alot! that way people will get used to your name and they will see it on club penguin and recognize you.!!

Comment by emilylondon

(?) what is this about? I have no 💡

Comment by Yellowguy945

❓ what is this about? Because i have no 💡 what ur talking about. I think its about youtube. if it is, 😛 😛 B-)

Comment by Yellowguy945

how do you take pics with wordpress IFA has an invasion coming and I don’t know how to take pics

Comment by bp98

On your keyboard, there should be a PRTSC key. Click it when you want to take a pic, and then go into paste and paste it.

Comment by ¤ѕнєιℓα gαℓℓу¤

the closest i have to that is the CTRL (control) button

Comment by bp98

I need help,
whenever I upload a Cp music video, it’s marked as a copyright. Is it possible I could still post it without being copyrighted?

Comment by matthewmsh1

I could be wrong on this, but put this in the vid description.

Club Penguin© Disney

Songs © their respective owners

Comment by AFM BOT

i want to be famous like any kind of person like selena gomez and all i want to do is be famous for my family

Comment by Ali deminico

i want to be famous

Comment by Ali deminico

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