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Iceberg Server

Hello! And I am Sheila Gally, Governer of Ice Berg, and owner of Crystal! This page will be updated with news about Ice Berg & Crystal, wanted lists, and more. In your stay in Ice Berg/Crystal, look at the wildlife at the forest, enjoy some coffee, some pizza, or join ACP. Just have a great time. Down below will be all the news…..

Welcome to my servers!!!!

Thank you for checking out this page. There are SEPERATE LAWS for each server, because of the population and gang issues.




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Thank you for choosing us as your server! It is very appreciated.

We do have laws, every good CP Enviroment has one!

  1.  Don’t rob, please!

  2. Don’t start mobs or riots.

  3. Please be nice to other people.

  4. Please Have fun and stay safe. ^-^

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  2. No robbing!

  3. No starting riots….

  4. Have fun, and stay safe. ^-^


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sheila i really need your help can i become a author or something tomy said i need to have a webpage if i wanna be the governer of snow fort.please?

Comment by batista1822


Comment by ACPE1/Navy Ambassador 1

http://acpsectora.wordpress.com/ Sector A’s Site

Comment by Shaboomboom

Hello, Nice site.

Comment by jedimaster17


Comment by kyle56452

oooooooooh. i bought a trailer in iceberg. good ideas. the wildlife it good.

Comment by seanehawk

wow, a trailer. I bought a tent there. You must be rich. I heard Iceberg trailers are expensive.

Comment by snowandice27

Hm…I’m already an ACP citizen…do you think I could move to Iceberg cheaply?

Comment by ACPE1/Navy Ambassador 1

If not I’ll find a cheaper server in ACP.

Comment by ACPE1/Navy Ambassador 1

Hmm, I will give you one for 1200 coins.

Comment by Sheila The Great

Sweet! Wait…a trailer…or a house?

Comment by ACPE1/Navy Ambassador 1

Whichever you want. (I don’t see how you buy trailers and houses..)
(5 hours away from leaving)

Comment by Sheila The Great

Yeah…I don’t really see it either. I guess it’s all a joke…

Comment by ACPE1/Navy Ambassador 1

[…] Iceberg: Sheila Gally […]

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Awesome site sheila i wanna know can we start over? i know my army and your army Sorta dont like it but maybe have a cup o coffee and talk it over and can i buy a house in ice berg? my beah house is in ice age and im looking for a spot

Comment by pinata246

Cp news episode 30 (Might be util Ep. 40) We had to find out Servers that have 3 more islands and ice bergs Note:You l’ll find after you read to glitch page.

Comment by Cp Secrets Finder (CSF) Musashi205

Is this on Club Penguin?

Comment by Samabetat96

vist at http;//goldsleadgen.com//wordpress

Comment by acp medic team leader/kingjared7 will be a Lt.

sheila i’m sorry for being mean to you, can we be friends again?

Comment by Meat aka Seanehawk

Your blog is interesting!

Keep up the good work!

Comment by AlexM

3 Things Sheila .
1 . This AlexM guy said the same thing on my site .
2 . How did you join CP in 2007 and get membership in 2005 ?
3 . There is more girls in ACP than only you ( Whitestar , Abercrombie etc . )

~~ The Beast ~~

Comment by Miroos

Comment Removed

Comment by djgtjvgyhxgy usa romans head emperor and cpw head general

well its true its a roman server

Comment by djgtjvgyhxgy usa romans head emperor and cpw head general

Oooooh nice….. can I live in the Iceberg server and can I buy a house?

Comment by Blueswill one of acp's most wanted clones leader ww general

can i buy a house to and U NEED TO STOP EDITING THIS WEBSITE

Comment by igdogjr916

🙂 Yeah, you can buy a house for 570 coins.

❓ It’s my website, I believe I can change the themes.

Comment by ♪Sheila♪


Comment by ♪Sheila♪

sheila is it any houses for sale i might move to ice berg
yeah……1000 coins

Comment by acp medic team leader/kingjared7 will be a Lt.

Ok can I buy a house in the Iceberg server?

Comment by clones leader Blueswill

can i by a hut ilke for 5000 coins??????/

Comment by acp medic team leader/kingjared7 will be a Lt.

Who wants a house in mittens?

Comment by Ark428 WW co leader governor of Mittens

can i buy a tent?

Comment by edwadu

Yes, you may. 250 coins.

Comment by ¤ѕнєιℓα gαℓℓу¤

Shiela can I buy a mansion?

Comment by blueswill

Yes you can, that will be 2150 coins.

Comment by ¤ѕнєιℓα gαℓℓу¤

:-O i dot belive u. :arms:

Comment by Yellowguy945

IM ON CRYSTAL!!! ❓ what do i do?

Comment by Yellowguy945

im gonna buy a tent

Comment by Yellowguy945

oh really ♪Sheila♪. I have to buy a hose for 1000 coins. PLAIN STYLE!!! U R A LIER!!!!

wait. is this on CP or ACP? p.s what IS ACP:?:

Comment by Yellowguy945

my tummy hurts

Comment by Yellowguy945

will someone give me a tums:?:

Comment by Yellowguy945



Comment by Yellowguy945

Will some one get me a d*** tums?

Comment by Yellowguy945

can i buy a 2 story house for under 3500 coins?

Comment by Crazyboy

oh and in crystal

Comment by Crazyboy

Can i buy a two story house for under 1000 coins?

Comment by Miranda

yup. 500 coins.

Comment by ¤ѕнєιℓα gαℓℓу¤

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