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Here are some interviews if you want to be interviewed chat me on my meebo or email me. 😉


[16:59] Fort57: ok
[17:00] sheila.gally: Ok, starting now
[17:00] sheila.gally: Can you read this text?
[17:01] Fort57: ya
[17:01] sheila.gally: ok
[17:01] sheila.gally: How did you come up with your Club Penguin name?>
[17:02] Fort57: randomly
[17:02] Fort57: it was gonna be bananabread but it was taken, so it was a spur of the momment thing
[17:03] sheila.gally: Nice. So, did you ever expect to become ACP leader?
[17:03] Fort57: not really
[17:03] Fort57: at least not till oagal told me i was gonna be
[17:04] sheila.gally: What was your reaction?
[17:04] Fort57: ok
[17:04] sheila.gally: What is your birthstone?
[17:05] Fort57: turquoise i think
[17:06] sheila.gally: Cool. Now for the CP Questions. Did you and Kg ever secretly switch places?
[17:07] Fort57: nope
[17:07] sheila.gally: Did you and Kg join Club Penguin at the same time?
[17:08] Fort57: ya
[17:08] sheila.gally: How did you find out about armies?
[17:10] Fort57: kg was looking for cp cheats, found the uma site, and told me about the assassins of club penguin, so i wanted to join, i got to the acp site and found out it was army of club penguin i joined anyways
[17:10] sheila.gally: What is your favorite game?
[17:10] Fort57: on cp
[17:10] Fort57: or anywhere
[17:10] sheila.gally: Yes
[17:10] sheila.gally: On Cp
[17:11] Fort57: cart surfing
[17:11] sheila.gally: How many loyal ACP do you think are out there?
[17:12] Fort57: idk about a million
[17:12] sheila.gally: Lol. Who do you think was the worst and the best ACP solider before you became Leader?
[17:13] Fort57: best acp soldier, oagal, orcacam and penquin jim
[17:13] Fort57: worst acp soldier, none
[17:14] sheila.gally: Cool. What ACP rank were you when you first started out?
[17:17] sheila.gally: Hello?
[17:17] sheila.gally: I’m Sorry, But I have to go, thank you for the interview and thank you for your time.


20:13] Boomer 20: ok
[20:13] sheila.gally: Hi!
[20:13] Boomer 20: hey
[20:14] sheila.gally: Brb
[20:14] Boomer 20: k
[20:15] sheila.gally: Ok Sorry
[20:16] Boomer 20: np
[20:16] sheila.gally: Whats your favorite Color?
[20:16] Boomer 20: Probably green
[20:16] Boomer 20: ACP green lol
[20:16] sheila.gally: Ik me too
[20:16] sheila.gally: Who is that guy in your avatar?
[20:16] Boomer 20: Brian Dawkins
[20:17] Boomer 20: he’s the free safety for the Philadelphia Eagles
[20:17] sheila.gally: Oh. How did you join ACP?
[20:17] Boomer 20: i saw a video on youtube of a big ACP victory and decided to look into armies
[20:17] Boomer 20: ACP had the best site and in my opionion the best leader…
[20:17] sheila.gally: Ok. What rank did you start out with?
[20:18] Boomer 20: i was a Captain
[20:18] sheila.gally: Me too Lol
[20:18] Boomer 20: cool
[20:18] sheila.gally: How long have u been in Acp?
[20:18] Boomer 20: i joined at the beginning of January 2008
[20:18] sheila.gally: Hmm. What is your favorite CP Game?
[20:19] Boomer 20: I like surfing but I love playing Find Four too
[20:19] Boomer 20: I like to think I’m pretty good
[20:19] Boomer 20:
[20:19] sheila.gally: What was your first item? And you probably are that good.
[20:19] Boomer 20: thanks
[20:19] Boomer 20: it was the blue propellor hat
[20:20] sheila.gally: So, who do you think was the best ACP solider ever?
[20:21] Boomer 20: idk if Oagal counts as a soldier since he was the leader, but is well respected among the older soldiers
[20:21] sheila.gally: (nod)
[20:21] Boomer 20: i think Penquin Jim and Orcacam are well respected as well
[20:21] Boomer 20: and Fort obviously
[20:21] sheila.gally: Yep. Same answer as Fort.
[20:21] Boomer 20: lol
[20:21] sheila.gally: So, do u want to tell the world about yourself?
[20:21] Boomer 20: hmm
[20:22] Boomer 20: well I love talking about sports, I’m a big fan of the Eagles and Phillies
[20:22] Boomer 20: i love ACP
[20:22] Boomer 20: and SSACP
[20:22] sheila.gally: Thanks for your time! The Interview will be up shortly!
[20:22] Boomer 20: Thanks
[20:22] Boomer 20: i had fun
[20:22] sheila.gally: Np!


07:10] sheila.gally: hi
[07:10] Nakib: ohh hi
[07:10] Nakib: Lets start..
[07:10] sheila.gally: k
[07:10] sheila.gally: What is your favorite color?
[07:10] Nakib: Red then come Black
[07:11] sheila.gally: Coolz. How did u join CP?
[07:11] Nakib: comes*
[07:11] Nakib: Through Miniclip..
[07:13] sheila.gally: what was your first item?
[07:13] Nakib: The Black Pirate Boots
[07:13] sheila.gally: XD They own
[07:13] sheila.gally: How did you come to acp?
[07:13] Nakib: ik xD
[07:14] Nakib: Well I searched Cp Cheats then I saw the UMA site and Pink Mafias said that their enemies were ACP then I joined them but then I joined ACP after a month being in ACP XD
[07:15] sheila.gally: XD
[07:16] sheila.gally: What rank did you start off as?
[07:16] sheila.gally: Also, what kind of computer do u have?
[07:21] sheila.gally: hello?


19:58] sheila.gally: w00t.Lets begin
[19:58] Headofpolice: should we start it now?
[19:58] sheila.gally: What was your first CP party?
[19:58] Headofpolice: ok
[19:58] Headofpolice: Wow…thats a hard one
[19:58] Headofpolice: ummmm
[19:58] Headofpolice: it would probably be…
[19:59] Headofpolice: The Christmas party in 2006
[19:59] sheila.gally: cool.
[19:59] sheila.gally: How old is your pengy?
[19:59] Headofpolice: well
[19:59] Headofpolice: my first one was named: ”Leigham”
[19:59] Headofpolice: and got banned forever for robbing the pizza parlour lolz
[19:59] sheila.gally: Lol!!!
[19:59] Headofpolice: but headofpolice is about
[20:00] sheila.gally: yea?
[20:00] Headofpolice: 450 days old
[20:00] sheila.gally: cool!
[20:00] Headofpolice: thanks
[20:01] sheila.gally: np. How did u get involved in cparmies?
[20:01] Headofpolice: any more questions?
[20:01] Headofpolice: oh well
[20:01] Headofpolice: one day i seen two rpf noobs shouting:
[20:01] Headofpolice: Rpf Owns Mammoth
[20:01] Headofpolice: so i researched on google:
[20:01] Headofpolice: Rpf clubpenguin
[20:01] sheila.gally: XD go on, that made my day
[20:01] Headofpolice: and i seen it all.. then i
[20:02] Headofpolice: went on uma then acp
[20:02] Headofpolice: where i met mazachster
[20:02] Headofpolice: then i joined ssacp
[20:02] Headofpolice: then acp
[20:02] sheila.gally: =D cool
[20:02] sheila.gally: why did you quit acp?
[20:02] Headofpolice: well
[20:02] Headofpolice: to be honest i was going down in my grades
[20:02] Headofpolice: so i had to quit acp for a while to get my grades up
[20:02] Headofpolice: but now im back
[20:03] sheila.gally: your rejoining?
[20:03] Headofpolice: yes
[20:03] Headofpolice: i have rejoined
[20:03] sheila.gally: cool what rank
[20:03] Headofpolice: im lieutenant General
[20:03] sheila.gally: sweet. I might get Nakibs rank.
[20:03] Headofpolice: wow…
[20:03] sheila.gally: so…your experience in es nachitos?
[20:04] Headofpolice: hmmm
[20:04] Headofpolice: no its in acp and ssacp
[20:04] Headofpolice: i did go to nachos for a 1 day trial
[20:04] Headofpolice: i did absorb enough infomation how they battle
[20:05] Headofpolice: any more questions?
[20:05] sheila.gally: nope.
[20:05] sheila.gally: thanks.

[13:22] meeboguest744814: hey sheila
[13:22] meeboguest744814: its z
[13:23] zdoger: ready to start?
[13:23] sheila.gally: yes
[13:23] zdoger: ok good
[13:23] sheila.gally: How did you join CP?
[13:24] zdoger: well, it was about when i was in fourth grade soabout 2007 and my friends were talking
[13:24] zdoger: and i heard about cp being the best thing
[13:25] zdoger: so i checked it out
[13:25] zdoger: the rest is pretty self explanitory
[13:25] sheila.gally: Ah, lol.
[13:25] sheila.gally: How did you join ACP?
[13:26] zdoger: well, it was about a monthafter i joined, i was searching for cp cheats and stumbled upon acp
[13:26] sheila.gally: ah.
[13:26] zdoger: but it was very busy at the time
[13:26] zdoger: and i tried to get on ranks
[13:27] zdoger: but nope, not until after a 3 mont hbreak and until january 2008 did i get on ranks cause of my friend kg
[13:27] sheila.gally: How did you find my website?
[13:28] zdoger: well, it was ur homepage XD plus i found it as a top site in google
[13:28] sheila.gally: rly? cool.
[13:28] sheila.gally: So, whats your favorite color?
[13:28] zdoger: ya
[13:28] zdoger: easy
[13:28] zdoger: red
[13:28] zdoger: and green and brown
[13:28] sheila.gally: cool
[13:28] zdoger: and white and blue gor the usa
[13:29] sheila.gally: Fav cp room?
[13:29] zdoger: o god
[13:29] zdoger: hmmmmmmmm
[13:29] zdoger: probly the dojo as of recently
[13:29] zdoger: cause of the ninjas
[13:29] sheila.gally: yea
[13:29] sheila.gally: Favorite CP Army?
[13:30] zdoger: ummmmmmmm
[13:30] zdoger: ACP!!!!!!!!!!!!
[13:30] zdoger: of course!
[13:30] sheila.gally: lol…
[13:30] sheila.gally: Ok, we’re done.
[13:31] zdoger: rlly?
[13:31] sheila.gally: yea
[13:31] zdoger: that wuz sadly quik
[13:31] sheila.gally: teh interviews are usually short
[13:31] zdoger: ok then
[13:31] sheila.gally: k, ty.
[13:31] zdoger: thx
[13:31] sheila.gally: np


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Yo ❗

Can i have an interview?


Comment by ♦NakiB♦

u can chat on on ACP council chat i dont have bebo

Comment by ♦NakiB♦

cool ima try to see u on meebo o.0

Comment by clintos007


Comment by Noil Man


Comment by Noil Man

Hi i wanna be interviewed as soon as possible 🙂
🙂 K,check the side bar for the info

Comment by Head

I want to be interviewed.

Comment by chapa23

What is ACP? And how are they different from Uma and… Nakos, think?

Comment by maspanda

ACP is the Army of Club penguin and we all have different beliefs.

Comment by ¤ѕнєιℓα gαℓℓу¤

Are interviews only available for famous people? 😯

Comment by Gideon

Ey yo, Sheila! I was looking for an interview from you because you are well known and I’m lovin the site. I check it every so often to get learned. Sooo, anyways. I’m not in the army circuit anymore, I signed out after the chaotic “we need a new leader cuz fort left” event. I choose to not release my old army name. But I would like an interview to get the word out about a new igloo decor and penguin attire site. You were the first person I decided to ask. I’m not considered very famous, but I have been noticed for the many igloos I’ve opened in abominable, including hospitals, hotels, cruise ships, colleges, three-bedroom homes, spas, forests, lakes, etc. Thanks for the time.

Comment by raedwolf

Oh! and contact me at drwolf94@gmail.com if you decide to interview me. From there we can make a joint decision on date and time. I never know when your gonna be on chat, and i don’t want to just say a date and time because you may not be able to make it because of your schedule.

Comment by raedwolf

I’m sorry, raedwolf. My parents check my email and if I email anyone else but my friends, I get in trouble. I’m usually on chat in the afternoon and late night.

Comment by ¤ѕнєιℓα gαℓℓу¤

Can I be interviewed?

Comment by chapa23

awesome! thank you for responding so quickly. I’ll try to get on chat sometime. Maybe we could have the interview next weekend? anyway ill try to meet you on chat. i haven’t been there in forever

Comment by raedwolf

Hmm, would you like it now?

Comment by ¤ѕнєιℓα gαℓℓу¤

SNAP! if i would have known it could have been now, I woulda taken it. I guess we’ll just meet on the ACP chat wednesday at 10 central. unless i can catch you now in which case im heading over to chat.

Comment by raedwolf

Are interviews only available for famous people? 😯 Anyone know?

Comment by Gideon

shelia are you from England?

Comment by Bp98


Comment by ¤ѕнєιℓα gαℓℓу¤

just because of the time difference and all…

Comment by bp98

Can I have an interview. I need one.

Comment by Taddle1

Can I have an interview? I think it would be great 4 the both of us.


Comment by Guymed

kwlio sheila, can I have an interview?

~~~Lucky aka Fox xD~~~

Comment by Foxtails

what happened to the army journey

Comment by bp98

Sheila is editing it, and so no one sees what she is writing until it’s done, she pass worded it.

Comment by Guymed


Comment by bp98

oh so THATS why Rap doesnt know the pass xD Sheila can I be your personal interviewer and I interview random people? xD


Comment by Foxtails

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